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Colleague Closeup: The Hunters

Colleague Closeup: The Hunters

There’s no question why Jonathan and Maggie Hunter are smiling these days. After waiting more than two and a half years between applying to ReachGlobal and landing in San Jose, Costa Rica, they’re glad to finally have reached their goal. Jonathan and Maggie, who have been married for almost four years, have a toddler son, […]

Latin America News to Know: From RG & Beyond

  • Have you ever hit The Wall? That place where everything seems to come to a halt -- you just can't move forward? Read a reflection on "Hitting the Wall" by Brian D., ReachGlobal Latin America/Caribbean's International Leader. He says, "The most important aspect of dealing with The Wall is to realize that God is there with us, that He never abandons us. I must cling to that truth when everything else seems to fall apart." #
  • "When safety is held as a high value it can trump obedience to God’s directive to go into the world and make disciples, to do ministry in a 'bad' area of town, to travel to many parts of our world for ministry purposes or even to risk offending a friend or neighbor by sharing the gospel." Read more in a guest post on the Leading From the Sandbox blog: Safety is not our highest value -- written by Brian D., ReachGlobal International Leader, Latin America/Caribbean. #
  • "'It's been really an awesome thing to see how the witness of the church has been so attractive,' says Lewis. 'The church plant here had 30 people visit the church in the last two weeks.'" TouchGlobal Crisis Response Director Mark Lewis was interviewed by Mission Network News on October 7 regarding the flooding in Rio do Sul, Brazil. Read what Mark had to say about the crisis situation and the relief efforts that are already well underway. #
  • Opportunities to get involved in ReachGlobal Latin America Communications abound! Become the next Latin America Communications Coordinator or the first-ever ProMETA Communications Coordinator. Serve for 3-5 months as a Communications Intern. Or use your video production skills to film and produce incredible promotional and story-telling pieces as part of the Moving Latin America Pictures short-term trip. #
  • Listen to a recent podcast by the Latin America International Leader -- Making the Most of Short Term Missions. There are a lot of opinions out there about short-term mission trips. What's yours? #

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